Bath Rugby Girls Masterclass
Join the amazing elite coaching team from Bath Rugby for a Masterclass dedicated to the girls game. Join the expert coaching staff and be put through drills, set pieces and match play. If you have any questions during the booking process, please contact us on [email protected] or 01749 834388 and we will be happy to help. There is an option to save your form and resume it later (located at the end of the form) if needed.

Photography and Film Permission

During the roadshow, staff and external photographers will photograph or film participants and staff. Below are listed the places where these photographs and videos may be used:
  • * the school websites
  • * the school’s social media channels
  • * the school's newsletters or magazines
  • * other marketing and publicity material for the school and its associated business and outreach
  • * press releases to local and national newspapers
  • * sharing recorded concerts with parents, guardians and friends.

Terms and Conditions

Price: £ 20.00
If so, please submit this form and contact us on [email protected] to arrange to make the payment
£ 0.00